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While providing the best in educational emergency care for our clients, we offer all our courses in a safe, fun, learning environment. We utilize all our staffs expertise by using their knowledge from former Military, College, Certified training to help bring forth all areas. All of our staff as well clients benefit from being taught this vast area by knowing how to put each course into a more practical experience.

G. R. “Ray” Field, CEM, CSP, BSSC, MTT #7304

Director of Operations, Executive Director, Chairman, (Veteran) (Staff) 

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Mr. Field has 46 years experience as an Emergency Training Specialist. He is an Search, Rescue Recovery Instructor, SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) instructor, ACLS-BLS-CPR Instructor, Certified First Aid Instructor, Certified Advanced First Aid Instructor, Certified AED Instructor, Ergonomics Instructor, Certified Safety Specialist, PADI Diver Rescue Instructor, OSHA Compliance Coordinator, Certified American Red Cross Community First Aid and Safety Instructor, Specialist Anaphylactic Shock Emergency Respiration and Airborne Contaminants,  Disaster Services Coordinator, Damage Assessment Coordinator, Disaster Liaison Coordinator, Defensive Driving Instructor. EVOC-Emergency Vehicle Operators Course Instructor, Alcohol Awareness Instructor, FEMA Coordinator, Certified Back Injury Prevention Specialist USDOL, Fork Lift Operator Instructor, 9-1-1 Emergency Response Educator Instructor, Back Injury Prevention Specialist Instructor, Farm Medic Basic Instructor, PALS Instructor, Confined Space Entry Instructor, Boater Safety Instructor, USDOT-NHTSA Injury Prevention Specialist, Children Bike Safety-Road Awareness Instructor, Hazardous Material Handling and Disposal, FEMA Radiological Emergency Management Coordinator, Emergency Management USA Coordinator, Preparedness Planning for a Nuclear Crisis Instructor, Animal Emergency Rescue Instructor, U.S. Army Instructor,  Survival Training Instructor; Ramp, Ground and Flight Line Safety Instructor, Investigation Management and Witness Interviewing specialist. FEMA certified instructor for ICS-100, ICS-200, 300, 400, 700, 800, 55, 33,  FEMA Animals In Disaster Awareness and Preparedness Instructor, and FEMA Animals In Disaster Community Planning Instructor. As well he is also a Community Emergency Response Team [CERT] Instructor, Facilitator and Master-Train-Trainer, [U. S. Department of Homeland Security – TEEX – Texas Association of Regional Councils, National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center]. He also instructs in Wilderness First Aid and Survival Training, as well as providing Master-Train-The-Trainer Emergency Response Team Training and Disaster Response and Evacuation Preparedness [Texas A&M – TEEX], Bioterrorism: Mass Prophylaxis Preparedness & Planning [National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center]. To round it all out  Mr Field is Certified for ADLS-BDLS Advanced Disaster Life-Support, Basic Disaster Life Support [University of Texas at Dallas] and a Diabetes Instructor [for Stanford University]. While helping to teach numerous people to safe lives and safe their own, he also holds and maintains a Pilots License with the FAA. Please note that  Mr. Field has set a new record,  instructing over 590,000, (actual (590,234) people CPR/First Aid in his career. This record was January, 2015. He continues to instruct courses daily adding to record. His goal is to instruct over 1,000,000 personally. To this date he has received many awards, including Certificate of Merit from President George Bush, for Saving a Life, 1991, and American Red Cross Certificate of Merit for Life Saving and has given many awards for students who have saved lives with these techniques. Proclamations from Houston Texas Mayors Kathy Whitmire, Mayor Bob Lanier, Mayor Lee Brown, Mayor Annise Parker. State of Texas Senate 2014 Award . Governor Greg Abbott 2015 Outstanding Volunteer Award for Saving Lives. Governor Greg Abbott 2018 Outstanding Volunteer Award for Saving Lives. State of Texas Issued 2018 Texas State Representative’s Life Saving Award for Saving over 800 Lives during Hurricane Harvey. Mr. Field is the co-founder of the Wild Horse Foundation, providing adoptive homes for America’s living legends the American Wild Horse through active  MOU’s with the U. S. Navy, U. S. Forestry Service, U. S. National Park service, U. S. Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management. Mr. Field is also currently a Bureau Land Management Volunteer in Wild Horse Compliance’s ensuring wild horses are being cared for properly. Mr. Field also has a Texas A & M Equine Nutrition and Foal Management Certification, Range Management and Forage Certification. Through his Wild Horse Foundation a MOU with the State of Nevada Department of Agriculture Estray Program.  His latest endeavor, Texas’s first ever, YourChildOurChild Project protects and helps early childhood educators in training and recurrent training by cutting costs by 50%.  To date Mr. Field is the longest teaching instructor in CPR and Basic First Aid starting in April 1973.  He currently has over 18,321  Instructors nation wide. He comes from a family of fire fighters, his dad was a fire fighter fire chief, his brother was a fire fighter fire chief and his brother-in-law is a fire fighter fire chief. Mr. Field is a Veteran of the U. S. Army Rangers, Military Police, Combat Medic. U. S. Department of Defense Military Contractor in Medical Training. Mr. Field is a published author, writer: Survival Bible: Things God Never Taught You, Safety Institute USA Professional Responders and Health Care. 2015 Texas Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Service Proclamation, 2017 Texas Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Proclamation, 2018 Texas House Lifesaving Award 800 Lives, 2018 President Volunteer Service Award Designee, Points of Life. 2018 Presidents Life Time Achievement Award 45 years.

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Once a person becomes “Certified to Instruct” certification may be restricted, expanded or revoked by violating Instructor agreement. Instructor are not “freelancers or given permission to make up forms”. All certificates must be issued at course completion.

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Robin Trotter, (Ind) #1601, Houston Area Supervisor

Alan Mitchell, San Antonio (Ind)  #1610

Elsa Mitchell, (Ind) #1569

Alysa Reid-Johnson, Ind) #1403

Jamie Kirkpatrick,  (Ind) #1647

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