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This course is designed to provide the entire basic core content to providing a victim with the right tools. Included in this is knowing how to set your tank, rigging your 02 meter and adjustments, storage and proper use of air masks, fitting and adjusting the mask.
This is an informational course guided by lecture on how to use your local emergency number while providing the most critical information. As part of the nations 3rd largest emergency network we instruct local schools, churches, day cares, scout troops, and many civic organizations. This comes with all the right stuff to let our youth know how important it is to make the right call! All books, videos, handouts, coloring guides and posters are free when receiving course instruction.
This course will let you know that attitude is everything to prevention. This will help you in conducting proper techniques and interviewing skills with witnesses. Provided is the tools to create your own investigation reports and procedures from hiring and training to the accident. Did you know that on Monday morning what time accidents occur or what day of the week you most likely will have a heart attack?
This course contains all the information on how to use and maintain the automated external defibrillator. This course compliments the advanced first aid course.
This course teaches proper lifting techniques and exercises while getting ready to lift that box. This is an excellent course for those employees who are at high risk for injury. This can be used to help fight those insurance costs. Did you know most states require that once a person has been out over 30 days or had surgery from a back injury they are required by law to show proof that they have taken a preventive course on proper education on lifting before they can return back to work?
This course will instruct any one over the age of 8 to properly administer the Emergency 9-1-1 system and care for any children during normal babysitting and during emergency care.
Annual Training, 29 CFR 1910.1030 This course will train individuals in the workplace to overcome any reluctance to act in emergency situations, and how to recognize and care for life-threatening emergencies such as sudden illness, injuries sustaining blood lose. OSHA mandated this course in 1992 to help curb the spread of diseases and infectious materials. You have a friend bleeding from the arm; your not sure if the friend has AIDS HEPATITIS, and what do you use to protect you from contact?
This course includes hands on with life preservers, BCD's, and other floatation equipment. It provides information with regards to Coast Guard Regulations, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit, Emergency communication, Emergency locator, Flare Gun, Emergency Raft and survival techniques. How many floatation devices do you need if six people, two of which are young children, in the boat?
This course offers 8 modules for the lay person to understand the principals of Responding to an Emergency for the community. Fire Extinguisher Use, Medic 1, Medic 2, Light Search and Rescue, Psychological Trauma, ICS-Incident Command system, Terrorism, and finish with an actual live simulated Drill. This course is offered free through you local county emergency management office to anyone.

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