Staff Members

Delia Deanda, (Ind) #1578

Tymonthy Smith, Coppell, Texas (Ind)  Revoked 2016 for Theft, Fraud Certificates and copyright.  Tym Smith, Coppell Early Care and Education Day Care, his Lawyers theatened President of the Safety Institute USA to NOT TELL ANYONE TYM SMITH STOLE COPYRIGHTED PROPERTY, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND SOLD THESE TO DAYCARE PERSONS AS HIS.

Theft by deception. CONTACT US IMMEDIALTELY IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED TRAINING FROM HIM.  Texas Dept. Child Care Licensing will NOT accept TYM SMITH training.

Patricia Ingram,  (Ind) 

Ashley Eggebeen, RN., Ind) #1541

Chris Ingram, Ind) #1510

Jamie Kirkpatrick,  (Ind) #1647

Melanie Law has been revoked 2 years ago, 2016 and is training people under the fraud and stealing their money, not issuing cards nor providing the proper training. REPORT HER TO LAW ENFORCEMENT.  

For more information on how you can become an INSTRUCTOR, please contact:

(Ind): Instructors are independent certified instructors Safety Institute USA.

(VET) Military Service

(SUSPENEDED) certification temporary revoked to Instruct, can not issue certifications.

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