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There is no national accrediting body for CPR training and certification. That puts Safety Institute USA, Nations 3rd largest CPR-First Aid, Nations #1 Largest Health and Safety Organization on an equal qualifying standards with the American Heart Association and American Red Cross. The recommendations state any one who takes a course in CPR of many levels must receive training on a recognized manikins, not raggy andy dolls, must review skills information, perform skills on manikins and pass a test either written or oral. Hundreds of thousands of clients who have tried them prefer our style. It’s easy, It’s simply, We don’t talk over clients heads, we provide training at clients locations at no extra fee. We offer one-to-one manikins/students ratio. Never any lines waiting.  We provide the same professional, quality training that adheres to the ECC- AHA’s guidelines and is ACCEPTED by numerous third party accrediting organizations. We look forward to making your life safer.

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Other Important Information:

After completing the course and successfully passing the oral or written and practical tests, trainees receive two certificates, indicating level of training received; (CPR, Adult, Child or Infant with or without AED, Professional or Healthcare Provider and First Aid, Oxygen Administration). An emphasis on quick response to first aid situations is incorporated throughout the program. Other program elements include: basic first aid intervention, basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and universal precautions for self-protection. Specific program elements include all or limit training or skills specific to the type of injury: shock, bleeding, poisoning, burns, temperature extremes, musculoskeletal injuries, bites and stings, medical emergencies, and confined spaces. Instruction in the principles and first aid intervention of injuries will cover the following sites: head and neck, eye, nose, mouth and teeth, chest, abdomen, and hand, finger, and foot injuries. Employers are responsible for the type, amount, and maintenance of first aid supplies needed for their particular program. The training program should be periodically reviewed with current first aid techniques and knowledge. CPR retesting should occur every 2 year and first aid skills and knowledge should be reviewed every 2 years. OSHA recommends that CPR training include having trainees develop ‘hands-on’ skills through the use of mannequins and partner practice. The references below provide further fundamentals to help develop and maintain first aid program and skills.

◾Illness and Injury Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements. OSHA Safety and Health Topics Page. Records of first aid and medical treatments should be maintained in accordance with OSHA’s recordkeeping standards.

Training Manikin Requirements for Safety Institute USA Certification Courses

As one the leaders in First aid, CPR and AED training, the Safety Institute USA believes a standard of minimum requirements for training manikins is necessary to ensure the quality and consistency of the training given by the its Authorized Instructor providers.

The following approved, training manikins meet or exceed requirements. The minimum requirements for CPR manikins when conducting Safety Institute USA First Aid, CPR and AED certification courses are listed below.

Adult Manikins:

Actar & Actar D-fib – Armstrong

Ambu Man – Ambu

Ambu CPR Pal – Ambu

Little Anne – Laerdal

Little Joe / Brad / Paul – Armstrong/Simulaids

Resuci Anne – Laerdal

Prestan adult manikin – Prestan Professional Manikins

Child Manikins:

Little Junior – Laerdal

Resuci Junior – Laerdal

Prestan child manikin – Prestan Professional Manikins

Infant Manikins:

Actar Infantry – Armstrong

Ambu Baby CPR – Ambu

Baby Anne – Laerdal

Resuci Baby – Laerdal

Chris Baby – Armstrong

Prestan infant manikin – Prestan Professional Manikins

AED TRAINERS can be purchased through Armstrong, Laerdal and other company. American Red Cross has the least cost practice AED and is widely used by many organizations and companies training employees.

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