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To ORDER the “NEW” Safety Institute USA Professional Responders and Health Care manual please use the “Course Registration Form”. Fee is $49.95 per copy. Purchased with class $39.95 ISBN# 978-0-933316-50-8

Texas’ “Edmund Kuempel Act”

According to Texas’ “Edmund Kuempel Act”, hands-on CPR instruction is now required as of the 2014-2015 academic school year at least once during the grades of 7 through 12 in order to graduate high school in the state of Texas.  (Reference: http://www.capital.state.tx.us/tlodocs/83R/billtext/pdf/HB00897F.pdf#navpanes=0 )

The Safety Institute USA will offer a special price for the high school students in order for them to receive this training fast and affordable so they can graduate. We can come on locations to save time and save money.   


The Safety Institute USA is committed to teaching first response life saving skills to anyone willing to learn. We believe people are afraid to help one another in today’s society because often times, they don’t know what to do in a crisis. If you are the only one present during a medical emergency, will you know what to do?

By offering a variety of public awareness programs, we help save lives. Our instructional seminars are structured in such a manner that we are confident we can teach any interested student the fundamental of saving a life. We have trained over 3,650,000 clients consisting of fire fighters, police officers, and other volunteers within the business community, school system, day care industry, head start program and private sector. 

As one of the Nations Leaders in CPR / FIRST AID we promise we can beat any price from any national organization.   

“Customer comment”:

Ray and Bill,

Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with us this last weekend for the Wilderness Remote and First Aid course. We all learned a lot and were entertained the entire time. I don’t think I ever looked at my watch – all of a sudden the day was over.

George has really talked about the experience with his fellow scouts, as you both made an impression on him. Thanks for focusing on the younger boys to encourage and foster their confidence in the material but really in themselves. I’m confident they would perform without hesitation, especially where it counts, like Philmont. I just hope that we don’t need to put them to the test while we are there!

Thanks again.


Will Kopf


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